Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Notebook

Happy Thursday everyone! 

 It's Jodi and today I have a cute little project to share with you.  I am always looking for paper to write notes on and decided to make a little notebook to keep by my desk.

For this notebook, I used Awareness Anya.  I colored her with copics and then cut her out.  I decided to make an outdoor scene on this because the other day I came across the wood fence and just had to use it.  I had bought it at a rummage sale awhile back, put away, and then proceeded to forget all about it....please tell me I'm not the only one that does that ;)

I just added a rose to the fence to keep it simple.  I normally add ribbon to the spiral of my notebooks, and I tried it on this one, but it just didn't look right, so I took it all off.  

If you have made any notebooks with TGF stamps, link them up in the comments I'd love to see them.           

Sorry for keeping these posts so short lately, but since Regionals is just 5 weeks away I have been extremely busy with my Destination Imagination teamsI  Between my two teams, I have practices 5 days a week (some days I spend up to 9 hours on just DI stuff) and some fundraisers thrown in (actually have to bake a few things for another bake sale tomorrow).

This time of the DI season always stresses me much left to do and time is ticking away......I know my past experience has shown me that they always get it done, but I still can't help but to worry....makes for some sleepless nights!    

For my Elementary school team we are a Community Partner (they are doing Project Outreach, which is a community service project)  so I have been trying to fit in "labor" for them.  They still have a lot of work done to be done to meet their goal and have asked for my help.  Sorry, I can't tell you what they are doing for their project, but maybe their team name will give you a bit of a's Kids Fur Pawz. 

My Middle School team, The Kamkrtl's  (they are doing In Disguise) still have a lot of work ahead of them, but are making good progress, and hopefully will accomplish a lot more with 8 hours of practice between tomorrow and Saturday.  Now I need to start getting my house ready for them to come over.....paint, carpets and kids do not always make for the best combination...time to pull out the tarps ;)

Thanks for stopping and have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

This Little Notebook is so cute!! *___*

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