Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rock Climbing Adventure

Yesterday, we took the Daisy Troop and the Brownie Troop to an indoor rock climbing place. My oldest daughter is afraid of heights, so I was proud of her for getting as high as she did. My youngest had no fear and was having a blast. She went up to the top (but I couldn't get her to go in the bigger area because when we tried it, the straps kept pulling her on to her tippie toes and she didn't like that).

Here are some pics of my girls:
They had so much fun they are talking about going again next weekend.....and their brother wants to try it too. I wouldn't mind trying it myself ~ I went up a bit, but since I didn't have a harness on, I didn't want to go further than I could safely jump down from.


Marcea said...

looks like a great day!
Thanks for entering my candy - good luck

Mandy said...

That looks like so much fun. I have two daughters and I know for sure that one of them would LOVE this...she has a lot of energy and loves to climb. I don't think we have anything like this near us don't have anything near us.

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