Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some more cards I recently made...

Just because I haven't been writing much lately, doesn't mean I've been sitting by idly. I am working on reorganizing my craft room ~ which is a major undertaking, but when I'm done, I know I'll be glad I did it. I definitely needed more wall storage so today my husband built me a new shelving unit for the area above my marble topped drawer unit. Unfortunately I have to wait until it gets painted before it can be put up. Hopefully the painter will be able to do it this week! Once it is all done, I will share pics of my room.

I made this card because I was just in a summer time mood (and the stamp is perfect for me since I have 2 girls and 2 boys).

This card I made for my niece's birthday. I only wish I had looked closely at the picture before I mailed it, since it is a bit blurry. I love these Ginger Snaps stamps from CC Designs and can't wait to get more.

I made this card for my brother's birthday. My kids keep telling me this is a girl because of the hair, but I think he's cute. Besides his hair is short compared to the guys in those 80's "hair" bands (which by the way, I loved).

I love this image. She is so sweet. This card was made just because. I wish I had this stamp, but I just have a few images in my stash from someone.

Here is a little older card. I made this one for my daughter's birthday. Purple is her absolute favorite color ~ I only wish I had some big purple flowers when I made it ~ for some reason I just can't seem to find any when I'm out and about. This is another one that I received a few images of and wish I had the stamp for.

Sweet 16. I don't know anyone turning 16 in the near future, but I decided to make something different and like how it turned out. My daughter said I should save it for her for when she turns 16.....she'll probably hate it by then LOL!


colinclark1 said...
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Alicia said...

I think the cards are so cool!!

Heather said...

That card with the kids in the pool really made me smile!! I have always wanted that set and do not have it!!!

This is a very good line up of cards!!!

Glad I found your blog you have some very cute things!!!


Susie Sugar said...

Beautiful cards jodi
Love Susie xx

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